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Swarachakra Tamil Keyboard APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.0+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

Swarachakra Tamil Keyboard has been published by Swarachakra Team, IDC, IIT Bombay, latest version is 2.01, released on 2014-11-13. It's listed in Communication category of Google Play Store, getting more than 1000000 installs, overall rating is 4.2 (base on 30.509 reviews).

App Screenshot

App Screenshot

New features

Replaced anusvara with pulli.

App Description

“அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு” If your device can display this sentence in Tamil perfectly, then your device supports Tamil and Swarachakra should also work well. If you do not see any text, or if some of the words are incorrect, Swarachakra may not work well.

Swarachakra Tamil (ஸ்வரச்சக்ரா தமிழ்) is a touch-screen keyboard for inputting text in Tamil. (Swarachakra is also available in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Odia, Punjabi, Bengali and Konkani.) Swarachakra uses a logically ordered design based on the structure of Tamil script. Swarachakra displays the consonants sequenced according to the logical structure of Tamil script, phonetically grouped and arranged in a grid similar to those found in most school textbooks.

Typing with Swarachakra
In Tamil, we frequently need to type a combination of a consonant (க) and a matra (ி) like க + ி = கி. When you touch a consonant, a chakra with combination of consonants and 10 frequent matras pops up (கா, கி, கீ, கு, கூ, கெ, கே, கை...). The chakra gives a preview of the possible character combinations. To select a combination, you slide the stylus or finger towards it.
Complete vowels (அ, ஆ, இ, ஈ, உ, ஊ, எ, ஏ, ஐ...) appear in a separate chakra on the bottom right. The less used vowels and matras are next to it (ஔ, ௌ, ஃ). Numerals, symbols and rarely used characters appear on a shift. You could also switch to the QWERTY keypad temporarily to input English characters.

Installing Swarachakra
First, install Swarachakra Tamil by clicking the “Install” button above.
Next, you need to “enable” the keyboard. To enable, open “Settings”, select “Language and Input” and check the box in front of ஸ்வரச்சக்ரா தமிழ் (Swarachakra Tamil) in the “Keyboard and input methods” section.
Finally, click on the “Default” option in the “Keyboard and input methods” section, and select ஸ்வரச்சக்ரா தமிழ் (Swarachakra Tamil) as the default keyboard. (Sorry, but that’s how Android works)

App Details

Package name: iit.android.swarachakraTamil
Updated: 2 years ago
Compatibility: Android 4.0+
Developer Name: Swarachakra Team, IDC, IIT Bombay
Category: Communication
File MD5: 78EC7AEE2D127AA2316849A376A56C0D
File SHA1: 67ACFAC103E3527D8C534B9FD27250E2A342CA5D

App Rating

Total 30,509 reviews


5 ★, on 2020-08-24
it is my pleasure to experience such a beutiful app it is very helpful to me

5 ★, on 2020-03-09
Nice Simple User Interface, Kindly Incorporate Tamil word Typing suggestions for easy messaging...

4 ★, on 2019-03-20
this is useful the dont english learner had comfortoble.so good . but its installed soon and this app has more letters

5 ★, on 2020-05-02
very nice app but word round not stay few minutes

3 ★, on 2018-12-07
letter change very slow and typing time long show update this app for new version

5 ★, on 2020-09-19
very usefuly and easy app thank you

5 ★, on 2019-06-29
I use this App because it does not steal our data saying it as security like google and Sellinam.

5 ★, on 2020-07-14
Good app for tamil keyboard. Its very easy to use.

4 ★, on 2019-05-13
Very easy to send expressions through This app...Thank you...

5 ★, on 2020-02-02
All types tamil words we can effortlessly use by downloading this app. Very good.

1 ★, on 2020-08-28
super ma but full of ads so pls dont install

5 ★, on 2019-02-28
superb..thankyou..it is easy to type and helps to express the real feelinhs in own language...

5 ★, on 2020-03-02
fabulous design. Easy to use. மகிழ்ச்சி.

5 ★, on 2020-08-09
Very simple & easy to use.

4 ★, on 2019-04-18
user-friendly. But sometimes the keyboard crashes or lags

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  3. Confirm with "OK"

Step 2: Install and Launch

  1. In your device's "Download" folder, find and tap on the APK file
  2. Tap "Install"on the Android Installer screen
  3. Launch the App


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Swarachakra Tamil Keyboard 2.01
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