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PUBG MOBILE - Traverse APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.3+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse has been published by Tencent Games, latest version is 1.4.0, released on 2021-05-10. It's listed in Action category of Google Play Store, getting more than 500000000 installs, overall rating is 4.3 (base on 37.731.841 reviews).

Game Screenshot

Game Screenshot

New features

1. Participate in the new thematic event in-game to get a LINE FRIENDS Backpack and a Set!
Traverse - Insectoid
Transform into an Insectoid to avoid being seen by humans, transport through wormholes, and explore the world with a new set of eyes. Oh... Watch out for pans!

Game Description

The official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS designed exclusively for mobile. Play free anywhere, anytime. PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Survive epic 100-player classic battles, payload mode and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is key and the last one standing wins. When duty calls, fire at will!

FREE ON MOBILE - Powered by the Unreal Engine 4. Play console quality gaming on the go. Delivers jaw-dropping HD graphics and 3D sound. Featuring customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chat. Experience the most smooth control and realistic ballistics, weapon behavior on mobile.

MASSIVE BATTLE MAPS - From Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, compete on these enormous and detailed battlegrounds varying in size, terrain, day/night cycles and dynamic weather – from urban city spaces to frozen tundra, to dense jungles, master each battleground's secrets to create your own strategic approach to win.

DEPTH AND VARIETY – From the 100-player classic mode, the exhilarating payload mode to the lightning-fast Arcade and 4v4 Team Deathmatch modes, as well as the intense Zombie modes. There is something for everyone! There is something for everyone. Play Solo, Duo, and in 4-player Squads. Fire your weapon to your heart's content! Be a lone wolf soldier or play with a Clan and answer the duty calls when help is needed! Offers FPS (First-Person Shooter) and TPS (Third-Person Shooter) play, lots of vehicles for all the different terrains in the game and an arsenal of realistic weapons. Find your perfect ride and pieces to cruise towards the final circle!

ALWAYS GROWING - Daily events & challenges, and monthly updates delivering new gameplay features and modes that keep PUBG MOBILE always growing and expanding. Our powerful and serious anti-cheating mechanisms ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment where everyone plays by the rules.

* Requires a stable internet connection.
* PUBG MOBILE recommended system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB memory. For other devices can try out PUBG MOBILE LITE

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Game Details

Package name: com.tencent.ig
Updated: 4 months ago
Compatibility: Android 4.3+
Developer Name: Tencent Games
Category: Action
File MD5: C733CAA410A62D3A285A31E64B21C18B
File SHA1: 132A4711ACC5E65EFC6ED88BB3B7A37B1839FA99

Game Rating

Total 37,731,841 reviews


3 ★, on 2021-07-04
Yes I experienced a issue yesterday when a small update of few mb arrived, I was not able to download those updates in my map. I clicked the download button and it would say wait and I waited for 10-20 sec and it did not happen, I then paused it and resumed it, it still did not happen. At that moment my friend invited me to play with them but she could not start the game cause of my incomplete downloads. I had to restart the game and when I opened the maps the same updates happened instantly.

5 ★, on 2021-06-17
This game is super.( better than fortnite). This game is one of the coolest battle royal games I've ever played. It's graphics and movements are super smooth. And I like how the game looks realistic and I also like the change in weather's From sunny to foggy to night. The realistic effects really does set the gaming mood for intense gamers such as myself. (Only noobs would complain). The different modes and it's intensity are nothing like other games. Pubg is one of a kind Nothing can replace it

5 ★, on 2021-06-27
I really misses the all the events and fun modes in the past, there's a drone for you to observe enemies in Vikendi, pyramid temples, candles with tents and alot more! Really wish that they can come back, I love your development for the mobile game PUBG and I would never be interested in Pubg New State cause the gameplays and designs are too "over". U know what I mean? I just don't like it. Wish you good luck Proxima Beta!! under !!TENCENT!! Love from Malaysia!!. This app changed my life!!!!❤️

1 ★, on 2021-06-08
Since the time I started playing I noticed a huge problem and it was hackers, I mean you get into a game and if the game lasts for 20 minutes (usually a 30 minutes) it's because there are hackers clashing with one another. Recently, my account got hacked (I have spent over $10k) and contacted PUBG customer service and the level of it it's just pitiful as well as the level of security, hackers has been a problem since Season7 and we are in season 19 and still no progress. Disgraceful!!

3 ★, on 2021-06-25
This game has only one good thing going for it and that's the game engine... It's solid and the physics are good, well sometimes, untill your game starts lagging whenever there's a hint of enemies nearby. However, despite all that, it would have been fine if the servers were good. But my god the servers are awful. Constant desync and glitch damage will make you rage quit whenever you're playing in a tryhard lobby. Tencent is really greedy when it comes to microtransaction, nothing comes cheap.

1 ★, on 2021-06-13
There's too many problems to list so I only list a few. The ping is an issue it goes way too high and causes my phone to seize and to overheat but the game is full of cheaters no matter what you do no matter what Map you play you run into cheaters in every match and I'm sick of it and from what I read a lot are too. I've lost some really good friends and players in this game well over 300+ and that is a lot considering that I have been playing since season 7 Unfortunately.

2 ★, on 2021-06-14
it's a good game, more fun if you play with friends. They have 2 major problems though. first, the cheaters are A LOT. Second, they have the worst customer service who doesn't really help you. I talked to them for weeks trying to get my hacked account back and they never helped me. I suggest if anybody going to play this game DO NOT spend your money on it. they barely help or even reply to anybody. my account has been hacked for 3 months now and they wouldn't help.

4 ★, on 2021-06-22
This game is really a bang on mobile E-Sports World. But even after being such a well liked game, we can't see any efforts to fix the problems that we point out such as highly fluctuating ping, unstable connection, etc even while having a good internet connection. Also, the people like Me who is playing this game in a device which is compatable according to the system requirements can't play this game with peace. I feel they should write,"Need a high-end device like IPhone and iPad to play this"

4 ★, on 2021-06-08
This game is fun and good, I always enjoy this but, the problem is, there's a bug where I need to return to log in page and log in over and over again. I'm actually fine with that because the data still safe and my Id still okay but, sometimes its kinda a bit annoying. I hope you can fix this, then I'll give 5 stars 😉

1 ★, on 2021-07-06
We are the players of pubg mobile were shocked when we discovered that Payload mode was removed from the game, we were waiting for the weekend to play this mode which has enormous popularity among all the players we know. We ask you to return the mode to the game immediately and to open it for the full week and to include in the seasons missions and tasks. We hope that you will take the preferences of your players into consideration before doing such a sudden step without prior annou

1 ★, on 2021-06-16
So terrible. Had to download additional content 2 times. And what for system error, connection error, can't login, so rediculous. I played previous game and its better than this one. My experience is so horrible, im not gonna play this again. You just lost a potential player. I don't know about others but its a dissapointment to me. Gl.

2 ★, on 2021-07-05
Good game overall. Arena needs a ton of work. More maps, better ways to get xp, better matchmaking, there needs to be a quitting penalty, and matchmaking needs a balance. Tired of getting matched against people 30 levels above me, half my team quitting leaving me to just get spawn killed the rest of the match because they can just camp spawn the whole game. Grenades have no alert to them, and this being a mobile game you won't see them ever. Cover doesn't protect you. Also vouchers don't work.

5 ★, on 2021-07-05
Hey there, With due respect, we, the people of Bangladesh are facing one of the most common problem that is ‘Ping Problem’ in the game. And you know in previous time we're in Indonesia server where we played in 60ms to 90ms ping (more or less got up-down). And thats before we're in the Vietnam server where we played at 240ms to 700ms ping always. #WeneedBangladeshiServer🇧🇩

1 ★, on 2021-06-19
Its been more then 3 years now (maybe 4 from betas and all) since I started playing this game, I guess it was better at the beginning, the fact that many people use 3rd party apps to make the game smoother and less choppy just shows the lack of optimization and support for many devices, other devices seem to have to wait over a year just to get 90 fps support. Also the game comes up with too many modes but too many bugs in every single map. Edit: u guys dotn seem to care about what we say.

1 ★, on 2021-07-05
I can't play,for first 2 days,it is going fine..,today..,i try fixing a lot but keep kicking me out from the game..,Like HELL WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!? I will instantly change my rating if u fix,also...,the minimap,it is completly white.,can't know anything. Don't tell me,my ph storage is full,i have checked and i still have over 5 GB free. Now for the last..,PUBG SUK IN THAT PART!

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Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
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Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows an application to read from external storage.
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Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices.
Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices.
Allows applications to change network connectivity state.



1. Map Size: 2km × 2km, dry climate, open area with rocks.
2. You will experience up to 64 player long-ranged rifle battles in the mountains, city battles that require strategy, and tension-filled battles in the dark underground.
3. Newly Added Demolition Zone, a purple zone that can instantly turn Karakin's buildings to ashes.
4. Added Thin Wall Bullet Penetration to make fighting indoors more fun!
5. New Firearm: Panzerfaust
6. New Throwable: Sticky Bomb


Brand New Gameplay
Dominate the battlefield with Flame, Arctic, and Wind runes!
a) Flame: Summon a fire wheel and use burning Ammo.
b) Arctic Rune: Raise an ice wall and slow down the enemy with freezing Ammo.
c) Wind Rune: Activate a wind shield and improve movement and reload speed.

Metro New Chapter
Honor is here! Newly-added weekly rankings, Solo Mode, and Honor system.
Increase Honor to get a voice pack, outfit, and other permanent rewards!


PUBG MOBILE METRO ROYALE mode coming soon!

New Environment
- Based on Erangel, a whole new underground world with unique combat mechanics. Danger and great rewards around every corner.

New Game Mode
- Defeat enemies, raid supplies, collect loot and experience a new progression system.

New Function
- Lightweight Installation is here! Only 610 MB in size, automatically fits your mobile phone and allows you to customize your PUBG MOBILE experience!


Payload 2.0
- Enjoy the new armed vehicles!
All-new armed vehicles: armed UAZ, Dacia, buggy, and pick-up.
- Dominate enemies from the sky with the Armed AH6 Helicopter, AT4-A laser-guided missile, and M202 four-barreled rocket launcher!
- Take bases and Super Weapon Crates to get heavy weaponry and new items.
New items: UAV controller, man-portable radar, and bomb suit.
- Revive teammates with the advanced Communications Tower to keep fighting!
New exciting gameplay!


New Lobby Visuals, Exclusive BLACKPINK music, and a more immersive experience with BLACKPINK!
Customize your set with the BLACKPINK themed Airplane and Air Drop. Feel the power of BLACKPINK!
Login and support your idols to unlock a permanent outfit and a chance to win a signed BLACKPINK album!


Important Updates
1. New Infection mode and map. Play as Zombies!
2. New character system - unlock more appearances and skills!
3. Pirate main menu theme and Global Treasure Hunt!
4. Royale Pass Season 8 with popular items restocked!
5. Daily mission system improved.
1. Android installation package has been reduced.
2. Inventory UI adjusted.
3. Fixed climbing bugs.
4. Fixed a bug where characters got stuck in buildings.


Brand New Mode: Team Deathmatch!
What's new:
- Added Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround.
- Enhanced cheating detection
- Added MVP showcase
- Players will now leave trails on the snow
- Added a Godzilla theme
- Added new popularity gift, ranking rewards and titles
Other improvements:
- Arcade mode availability (UTC): Mon/Wed: Sniper Training & War; Tues/Thurs: Mini-Zone & Quick Match; Fri-Sun: All modes
- Protective items are now 25% more durable. Their effectiveness remains unchanged


- All new modes will be under this category
Darkest Night
- Stay alive for one night while fighting zombies
Survive Till Dawn:
- New weapons, monsters and systems. Difficulty has also been tuned
- Players can now spectate matches of their friends, Crew or Clan members and adjust Spectator Mode privacy settings
- Portable Closets can now be swapped in combat
- Added Spring Theme and Treasure event


- Added Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, a new time-limited event mode where players fight zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2.
- Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.
- Added player Spaces.
- Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.
- Sanhok is now available in Arcade - Quick Match.
Misc Improvements
- Past results are now kept up to 1 month only.
- Fixed terrain display bugs for budget devices.


Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map, is coming in the new update! Availability will be announced at a later date, so make sure to keep an eye out!
- Added a Snow theme to the main menu.
- Added Arabic language support.
- Added cross-server matchmaking.
- Players may now report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying.
- Added Firearms Finish Upgrade System.
- Added Season spending rewards.

Installation Instructions

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Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. In your device Settings page, tap on "Security" or "Applications" (varies with device)
  2. Enable "Unknown Sources" permission
  3. Confirm with "OK"

Step 2: Install and Launch

  1. In your device's "Download" folder, find and tap on the APK file
  2. Tap "Install"on the Android Installer screen
  3. Launch the Game


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Previous Versions

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.4.0
2021-05-10 / 65.1 MB / Android 4.3+

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.3.1
2021-04-12 / 944.2 MB / Android 4.3+

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.3.0
2021-03-08 / 62.1 MB / Android 4.3+

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.2.0
2021-01-11 / 61.7 MB / Android 4.3+

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.1.0
2020-11-10 / 59.2 MB / Android 4.3+

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.0.2
2020-10-26 / 63.7 MB / Android

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.0.2
2020-10-21 / 57.4 MB / Android 4.3+

PUBG MOBILE - Traverse 1.0.1
2020-09-25 / 671.9 MB / Android 4.3+