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Monster Super League APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 5.0+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

Monster Super League has been published by FourThirtyThree Inc., latest version is 1.0.21032506, released on 2021-04-11. It's listed in Role Playing category of Google Play Store, getting more than 5000000 installs, overall rating is 4.4 (base on 403.930 reviews).

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Game Screenshot

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Bug fix

Game Description

❤ Monster Super League, beloved by over 15 million players worldwide! ❤

Here are some of the newest changes to Monster Super League.
▻ Updated Astromon enhancement system
▻ Expansions to the Tower of Chaos, Golem Dungeons, and Dragon Dungeon
▻ New 3★, 4★, and 5★ Astromons

"Latecia is a beautiful world replete with fantastical locations such as the Star Sanctuary, Sky Falls, and Aurora Plateau.
However, over time, chaos began to grow in strength and influence."

"And so I'm here, asking for you to come and help restore balance to our world.
Adjusting to life in a new place won't be easy, but I'll be here with you every step of the way!"

"Please, we need your help!"

In Monster Super League...
❖ Over 600 unique Astromons are waiting to join you!
Become master to a wide variety of Astromons hidden all throughout the continent of Latecia.
Each Astromon has a story steeped in the lore of this amazing fantasy world!

❖ The greatest masters raise the greatest Astromons!
Astromons can grow and evolve into even more powerful, awesome versions of themselves.
Use skill books imbued with magic, gems that further bolster your Astromons' abilities, and trinkets enchanted with mystical power to make your Astromons the strongest out there!
Once you become the greatest master there is, no enemy will stand a chance against you!

❖ You'll adventure all across Latecia in your very own airship!
Board your airship and get ready to set off on the adventure of a lifetime!
You never know what excitement is waiting for you just around the corner!

❖ You can join a clan to combine forces with other masters from around the world!
Titans have appeared to destroy the order of the world. Their strength and size make them impossible foes for a single master.
Join a clan of your choosing, share useful information, and drive out the titans together!
As you grow and contribute more within your clan, you will be helping to maintain the balance within Latecia.

❖ Masters compete to determine who will save the world as Latecia's most powerful master.
Having doubts about how strong you've become?
Join the Astromon League and fight against other masters!
With the right party, you can even defeat opponents much stronger than you!
But watch out for your opponent's hidden Astromon, waiting to pounce at the right moment!

"If you're ready, please come quickly!"

Seira, anxiously awaiting your arrival


*Access requests for gameplay (The game services will not be limited even if disabled)
1) Only for game installation purposes, this application requests access to external memory.

[Minimum system requirements]
RAM: 1230MB and above
OS: 5.0 and above

Game Details

Package name: com.ftt.msleague_gl
Updated: 10 days ago
Compatibility: Android 5.0+
Developer Name: FourThirtyThree Inc.
Category: Role Playing
File MD5: 3FAF7B6BA38B5F4622AE37A396F943E8
File SHA1: 575106E7B35F46C863D08AF0166743C5543A80F9

Game Rating

Total 403,930 reviews


2 ★, by skylet stark on 2021-03-27
After I clear a boss for the first time, the game crashes and I have to redo it. Very annoying

5 ★, by Asimo on 2021-03-14
Its the best rpg game i ever wanted. Just make the characters look better and itll rise to the top.

5 ★, by Naysom Cruz on 2021-03-08
Its nice game and there is no ads but they need to work on it it just kicks me out forvno reason. But its still cool game.

5 ★, by Emily Triplett on 2021-03-23
Edit 3/23/21 IDK why but my game won't even load :( not sure who to contact about this I really enjoy this game and have been playing for months. There's constant updates and events to keep things fresh

5 ★, by Christian James on 2021-03-23
Since starting the game at about 10:00 yesterday I was slightly skeptical at first,However my experience playing MonsterLeague has shifted gears and I believe it could contend with skylanders and MonsterLegends mobas. Just as I ranked those games 5/5 stars I stand on this game as a top tier moba contender. 5/5 for simplicity and accessibility to upgrades and evos in a relatively Lax way of obtaining them simultaneously.

4 ★, by OmegAaron on 2021-03-14
I really like this game, a very good friend has suggested me to play this and I'm really enjoying it although I do have a something. I have a Realme C11 Phone and when I started the game the keyboard isn't popping up. Is this has to do with the phone or a bug in the game?

5 ★, by Pearl Playa on 2021-03-26
The game is amazing! The models are great, the music is great, and the overall experience is really good!

4 ★, by Rin on 2021-03-19
This is a very nice game overall. Unfortunately after clearing a dungeon my screen goes to black and it stops responding.

3 ★, by John micol temones on 2021-03-26
The problem with this game you can't get 5 star monsters 3 years or more playibg this game i only catch a 3 five star monsters HAHAHAH but if you buy with real money you will get 5 star mons HAHAHA pay to win game. give you 3 star

5 ★, by Laiton Govender on 2021-03-23
Its an awesome game, i played it last night and it was fine but this morming it was just showing black and then suddenly went out of the app and im not sure what to do but a similar thing is also happening with my google app😭😭

3 ★, by Kat Amajiki on 2021-03-23
I really loved this game but I can't get past star sanctuary. it just won't let me. the next continent won't open up to me.

4 ★, by Noah Smalley on 2021-03-26
Issue continues. Very disappointed and hope that whatever is causing this balckout is resolved soon. This is one of my favorite games, and I am hoping this isn't going to be the end of it for me.

5 ★, by Midnight on 2021-03-25
I really cant stop playing this game everytime I uninstalled to take a break it just doesn't even matter I'll just end up reinstalling it again I'm such a huge fan of monster Super League that I wish there was an anime of it.... but I wish I was actually living in that type of world where I can literally be with all of my mons and spending a lot of time with them but other than that your game is very awesome

1 ★, by Rafaella da Silva on 2021-03-25
Painful to play, the experience is terrible and adding more on top makes the game impossible to play. You can't play a game that doesn't run.

5 ★, by Jackson Lystra on 2021-03-17
super fun. reminds me of Pokemon but without the confusing parts lol. been playing for years and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon.

Permissions List

Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.



- Added an Event Calendar
- Added Light/Dark types for 3-star Minicat.
- Added exclusive perks to Region Defense Mode.
- Added April Fool's Event


Bug fix


Bug fix


- New System: Super Ascension
- Dimensional Dungeon Added.
- New Super Evo. Astromon Sakura Princess Hana/Hanahime Added.
- Introducing 2 New (Light/Dark) elements for Shellie
- Massive balance adjustments.


- Added New 5 Star Astromon: Scheherazade
- Added New Light/Dark Elements for Beth
- New Content: Primo Festival
- Added Valentine Festival


- 4 New Costumes for Griffin
- Winter Festival Event
- New Hero Dungeon Astromon: (Wood) Shinobi


- Bug fix
- New 5 towers added to Tower of Chaos.
- New Super Evo. Astromon; Loki, Loki the Trickster!
- New Fusion Chart for Mera added.
- Introducing a new contract; 'Astral Contract' & Contract System Revamp
- Black Friday Event


- New 5 towers added to Tower of Chaos.
- New Super Evo. Astromon; Loki, Loki the Trickster!
- New Fusion Chart for Mera added.
- Introducing a new contract; 'Astral Contract' & Contract System Revamp
- Black Friday Event


- New 5-Star Astromon, Jormungandr added
- Halloween Festival
- Replay system for Astromon League added


Bug fix

Installation Instructions

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Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. In your device Settings page, tap on "Security" or "Applications" (varies with device)
  2. Enable "Unknown Sources" permission
  3. Confirm with "OK"

Step 2: Install and Launch

  1. In your device's "Download" folder, find and tap on the APK file
  2. Tap "Install"on the Android Installer screen
  3. Launch the Game


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Previous Versions

Monster Super League 1.0.21032506
2021-04-11 / 72.4 MB / Android 5.0+

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2021-04-11 / 72.4 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.21022307
2021-04-10 / 72.4 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.21022306
2021-04-11 / 72.4 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.21022305
2021-04-11 / 71.8 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.21012104
2021-04-11 / 72.2 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.20121704
2021-01-30 / 72.3 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.20112407
2020-11-27 / 72.5 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.20112405
2020-11-27 / 73.7 MB / Android 5.0+

Monster Super League 1.0.20102909
2020-11-03 / 70.6 MB / Android 5.0+