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NinjaGirls:Reborn APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.1+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

NinjaGirls:Reborn has been published by Xiao Junyun, latest version is 1.502.0, released on 2020-11-02. It's listed in Role Playing category of Google Play Store, getting more than 1000000 installs, overall rating is 4.4 (base on 53.199 reviews).

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New features

Version Update Notice:
1. Now the APP can support 64 bit system
2. Fixed some errors in game
3. Optimized the applicability

Game Description

◎Game Intro◎
Ninja Girls is one of the most popular anime style games in 2016, which contains hundreds of 0Anime Girls under master summoners command. Ninja Girls is also a game combined with tactics and manually microing features. Each player has to consider not only the skills composition among Battle Girls, furthermore with enhanced gears and timing on skill casting to conquer tough quests, while enjoying competing with other players in VS Player.
◎Game Features◎
★Conquer Your Path With Over 100 Battle Girls ★
Ninja Girls’s biggest feature is that we have crafted our characters into Japanese Anime style Battle Girls, hundreds of them are leading by master summoners. Each of Battle Girls has her own background story and unique skills. If you wish to dominate the world of summoners, not only you need to know each of Battle Girls’ unique skills deeply, but also require tactics and powerful composition to defeat your opponents.
★Real-Time Micro, Command Your Battle Girls To Cast Their Ultimate Skills ★
Ninja Girls has the coolest animation effect on each skill cast, while the facial and motions on each girls are carefully crafted and drawn by our designers. Whether during combat or rest, you can see each girl’s motions clearly from walking, swinging her weapon, even when she is seducing. Under master summoners command, you only need one finger to give them your orders.
★Timing Cast On Your Skill,Is The Key To Your Victory ★
Unlike the traditional styles RPG Game without any microing!During the battle you have to observe constantly, along with microing on your girls such as interrupting on your opponent’s skill casting, change on your skill directions, crowd control skills on opponent’s girls etc. Another feature of Girl X Battle,experience the joy of giving your Battle Girls command in the battle field, even players with lower Attack Power can win against players with higher Attack Power!
★Buying Drinks From The Campus Store, Full of Academy Elements ★
It has been a month since summer recess, don’t you miss the breakfast sold on campus? In Ninja Girls,you may even face variety quizzes as in the actual school. Besides the Battle Girls' world we made, there are numerous tasks await you to conquer. If you favor in PVP, try to fight your way up to the Top Floor!
Visit Ninja Girls’ official Facebook page to participate on our wonderful events, and earn your great rewards! (Hint: Search Ninja Girls in Facebook)
For Latest Events and Guides!!Please Click The Link Below↓
☞Official Facebook Page:
☞Ninja Girls Customer Service
Our development team will cherish every player for trying Ninja Girls, and thank you for your support!

Game Details

Package name:
Updated: 5 months ago
Compatibility: Android 4.1+
Developer Name: Xiao Junyun
Category: Role Playing
File MD5: 747575A4A75DB22EE703A6466AD65561
File SHA1: 8FD6C2E59315CA938FD33F8B5851CD1A043350CA

Game Rating

Total 53,199 reviews


5 ★, by justin Williams on 2019-01-28
It's a good time passer. Tons of girls to collect and manage with many builds to pursue. one thing that bugs the hell outta me is the translation to English is wacky and leads me to not care about the campaign and cringe when I talk to the girls. The grind can be heavy trying to get specific NG's but they make up for it by giving you stuff all the time every day for no real reason. you don't have to pay for anything and still get your fill of flashy light, numbers go up yay type feeling.

2 ★, by Lubo Antonov on 2019-05-08
After playing for a year I finally have to accept that the p2w mechanics are always going to leave me frustrated when going up against people that are spending hundreds of $s a month. New girls, skins and awakenings are introduced every week, and they don't seem to be play tested, so the balance has been completely off in the last few months. since the introduction of "titan"-class girls, all battles have become boring. save yourself the time and frustration and don't start with this game.

2 ★, by Cosmos_ Null on 2019-04-06
this game just isn't my's way too colorful, filled with female characters that I can't breathe and the gameplay isn't that indulging, either . here are a few tips for you guys , though: first that auto button is on in the beginning and may be changed afterwards, make it the other way around. it is only when the player is hooked to the game that you let the game fight for him. also check your ads on YouTube and Facebook because they show it as a date stimulator instead of rpg

3 ★, by Shard on 2020-07-18
Pretty good overall besides how this game is major pay 2 win. And you gotta fix a bug where if you have bad WiFi and you get the cancel or reconnect screen if you press cancel then the girls keep emoting and there's no stopping it so you have to exit the app.

2 ★, by Lesphirou on 2020-06-27
Waste of time. The sounds of this game are awful, the UI looks very cheap and unrefined, getting new "ninjas" is very annoying. The only thing okay about this game are the girls' artworks.

4 ★, by iiiAlices_ Flxwers on 2020-07-06
I noticed that you created Girl X Battle and you tried creating one that was kid friendly but honestly from the reviews you didn't do a very good job.I would recommend not so much violence no rude humor and appropriate clothing and scenes and no dating because that's not kid friendly for kids to be dating on a game. These will help make your game actually kid friendly these recommendations might even make the game Everyone.And maybe no socialisation.Ty for replying!

5 ★, by Arik Adajar on 2020-08-22
Nice game, its just hard to promote or level up your girls but the over.all result it is a fun game.

3 ★, by Mitch Dockens on 2018-12-28
While I would like to give this game 5 stars I really can't. There are a lot of reasons I like it but a few reasons that I don't. The game crashes a LOT seems random. Battles are slow. Need a speed up option like a lot of other similar games have. Interface is really slow as well. Sometimes I have to tap a girl 3 or 4 times just to open her status menu. I play on an S7 so it shouldn't be that bad. Overall it's a fun game though and I can recommend it.

3 ★, by Lune The SongWriter on 2020-05-19
Game doesn't work, made it to 2nd chapter boss fight, and it literally force closes every second. First time playing the game as a newcomer and instantly met with a flurry of force close applications

5 ★, by Jonathan Bishop on 2020-07-03
Fun time killer, only few days in so far. Cute chibi girls, with beautiful art and semi animated pieces. ENGRISH r Bads... But not enough to not understand what's happening... If you are an Anime fan (why would you be playing otherwise!) It's fine... Plenty of grindy goodness or buy what you like type of play, I'm on the broke side, and still enjoying it so far!

4 ★, by Grace Wheeler on 2020-07-23
Has all the right components to be enjoyable, but really needs a proofreader for their English. It gets really confusing for instructions, but I'll admit it makes the story twice as funny

4 ★, by Victor Tey on 2018-10-07
Nice game overall. Many areas for improvement. First and foremost, the text in game does not stay as a word but pushed down the line s uch as this mann er. It makes reading in the game somewhat unsatisfying. The interface is not generated properly most of the time. Some objects do not load after a while, and texts simply "disappears" in the background. An otherwise enjoyable game. Oh, just one more thing, it would be good if we can favourite some characters. Hard to keep track with just a face.

5 ★, by findmy lover on 2020-05-24
Great game its really cute and addicting, I also love how the interaction with most of the girls is like a minigame. Kinda wish there was more skins for some of the girls like for Aquaris ,Collins etc. Overall great game

5 ★, by KILLBOT on 2020-07-04
So far the game is fun. Yea it's a gatcha, and yea you can spend money. But the bonuses for new players are quite generous. I will say though that, seeing an event on day 1 that only really catered to vip 9 players was kind of disheartening.

4 ★, by Hashim Habib on 2020-09-13
This game is decent but I feel like this is quite similar to Girls X Battle and that's why I am not too interested in it.

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Previous Versions

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.502.0
2020-11-02 / 114.3 MB / Android 4.1+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.192.0
2019-06-25 / 100.7 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.179.0
2019-04-08 / 96.8 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.168.0
2019-01-29 / 98.5 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.162.0
2018-12-29 / 98.9 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.157.0
2018-12-01 / 98.3 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.151.0
2018-11-13 / 98.4 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.149.0
2018-11-03 / 98.1 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.12.0
2018-08-02 / 17.9 MB / Android 2.3+

NinjaGirls:Reborn 1.11.0
2018-04-13 / 16.8 MB / Android 2.3+