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Lily's Day Off APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.1+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

Lily's Day Off has been published by Kyuppin, latest version is 4.5, released on 2019-02-24. It's listed in Adventure category of Google Play Store, getting more than 500000 installs, overall rating is 4.5 (base on 34.136 reviews).

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Game Screenshot

New features

Updated the way the game plays so players must progress to find the true ending. I also updated some libraries and such so the game should not crash anymore.

Game Description

***The sequel, Lily's Night Off, is available now on Google Play and Steam! Check out the trailer here: ***

Lily's Day Off is a visual novel, but not in the typical sense.

As you progress in this game, your actions drastically change characters, story lines, and outcomes.

There are 16 available endings in total, each with its own completely different theme.

Lily also has 6 different outfits she can wear.

*Please note this is an original game by me. It was not translated from Japanese, although I do use some Japanese honorifics and words because of personal preference. Additionally, all character art is done by me!*

Thanks for playing! Enjoy the game!

Game Details

Package name: com.OnionyStudios.LilysDayOff
Updated: 7 months ago
Compatibility: Android 4.1+
Developer Name: Kyuppin
Category: Adventure
File MD5: 78C61F2738FD5682A09E4764F2E6CB07
File SHA1: 20F2D61C815D95D0FBF63F848E9995D46ED61516

Game Rating

Total 34,136 reviews


5 ★, by Super Noob on 2020-04-30
A very short game cause I finished the game with all endings in 1hour,it was a fun game,keep up the good work!!!!

4 ★, by mini1878 on 2020-05-18
It has a few scenes that are clearly rip offs but other then that it was a good game that gave me a few hours of joy

5 ★, by vrowniez on 2018-10-30
Shes just a drunk himouto.. 😂 Either way! The gameplay, artwork are so cute! little lily-chan has a kawaii personality and also her adorable and stylish clothes! It is a really fun game, I love how youre able to change her clothes, Make your own choices, Catchy and cool music, and so on. Sadly, the only thing that bothers me is.. Its really short, which made me frustrated and disspointed. Well afterall, the game is really great! 9/10 highly reccomend it! ^^ (P.S. I got all 25 endings)

5 ★, by tangela nguyen on 2020-07-24
Amazing! High quality art! Good endings! You should really play it!

5 ★, by Ella B on 2019-02-16
Now I love this game but this is for all the people sending hate about the ads. This is the FREE mobile with ads get over it or BUY the pc version OK. And of course it's earning money from ads how else do you think games get played and get enough to keep it going ads are needed and I don't think it's too much at all I like how you can either watch an ad or pay I like to watch the ad personally but seriously stop with the hate this game is amazing and not a rip off like some people say. Thanks!

2 ★, by James Hinks on 2019-06-17
Very cute style, but the story has no motive behind it and just ends up going in a random direction with nothing to do with the choices you make. For such a simple style Visual Novel you'd expect at least the storyline to be solid, but no endings are connected in any form with every character's personality varying greatly between them.

5 ★, by Tassaplaysgames on 2019-06-09
I think all the endings are pretty unique and the visuals are amazing! The only thing I would suggest is that when we press the skip button, it immediately goes to the choices, since it gets kinda annoying to press it over and over again to get to the choices. Anyways, fantastic game!

3 ★, by Stardust Tv on 2020-01-18
I liked Lilys night off better. Too many ads, too many things you had to purchase, too many loading screens, and not as fun and playful and random. All the endings could be guessed except for the time traveler ones. And there wasn't even any secrets or a congratulations for completing the game ending! I know you need to make money somehow, but having to purchase endings or watch an ad every 5 seconds is too much. Love the game, but needs improvement..

5 ★, by Khalilian on 2020-05-20
Got every ending and OMG it was so fun! Especially the secret end!! I LOVED IT. Was playing this to get ready for the sequel and I really hope it's as amazing (or better yet, MORE amazing) as this one.

4 ★, by jerry 29 on 2020-07-29
Nearly perfect. Only problem is that ending number 5 isn't the true ending.

4 ★, by Anna on 2019-12-31
This is a pretty interesting game with a simple story and choices that always matter. I would say that it is good for passing time, but nothing too thought provoking or deep meaning behind the story. The text style is a bit of an eyesore though, glad they changed it in the sequel. Tip for players: Hold the skip button instead of repeatedly tapping it to skip dialogues.

4 ★, by Kayelyn P.A. on 2019-02-22
This game was really cool! You were able to choose what would happen and the ending were COMPLETELY different from each other. You never know what ending you'd get. I loved it. My only problem with this is that I took a lot of my space, probably? It may be just my device... Not sure... Still though, I give 4 stars :)

5 ★, by dog on 2020-04-05
I love this game so much,I spent the whole day playing.its my favorite game and you should git it,there is so much detail and it's like two sides of her.recemended

5 ★, by Marsha Mellow on 2019-07-13
Cute, simple and... WHAT DID I JUST PLAYED?!? XD Full of surprises and it also made my head hurts but VERY FUN!!! This want me to play the 2nd part and from all I've played this is the most enjoying, the most unique and the most craziest GAME that I've played so far! (I will rest my brain first before I play the 2nd part... this is to perfect it broked my brain)

5 ★, by Alfredo Lim on 2020-02-21
I completely disagree with some people's ideas of the game. When the sets of stories played, I chuckled a little in realization. I believe the game is ingenious. The game presents some of the most memorable and greatest moments within animes. Within this, I started to see some relations with "Higurashi: When They Cry" and "Mirai Nikki." You have outdone yourself, my good sir. It made me laugh and happy that you know all of this, and it is not random after all. It's actually well composed.

Permissions List

Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about networks.



Updated the way the game plays so players must progress to find the true ending. I also updated some libraries and such so the game should not crash anymore.


I updated the android apk so hopefully this will fix some crashes.


Privacy Policy.


Fixed Glitches


Fixed Glitches

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Previous Versions

Lily's Day Off 4.5
2019-02-24 / 50.5 MB / Android 4.1+

Lily's Day Off 4.4.4
2019-02-03 / 55.1 MB / Android 4.0+

Lily's Day Off 4.4.3
2018-09-30 / 55.1 MB / Android 4.0+

Lily's Day Off 4.4
2017-07-26 / 50.7 MB / Android 4.0+

Lily's Day Off 4.3
2018-08-23 / 50.7 MB / Android 4.0+

Lily's Day Off 4.1
2018-08-23 / 48.5 MB / Android 2.3+

Lily's Day Off 4.0
2018-08-23 / 48.5 MB / Android 2.3+

Lily's Day Off 3.9
2018-08-23 / 47.6 MB / Android 2.3+

Lily's Day Off 3.8
2018-08-23 / 48 MB / Android 2.3+

Lily's Day Off 3.7
2018-08-23 / 47.9 MB / Android 2.3+