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Lily's Night Off has been published by Kyuppin, latest version is 1.22, released on 2019-08-13. It's listed in Adventure category of Google Play Store, getting more than 10000 installs, overall rating is 4.6 (base on 1.405 reviews).

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Game Screenshot

New features

Updated my logo and title screen. Also fixed an aspect ratio glitch

Game Description

**NEW Beach Update just added! - 4 all new endings**

The long-awaited sequel to Lily's Day Off!

Lily's Night Off is a visual novel, but not in the typical sense: As you progress in this game, your actions drastically change character personalities, story lines, and lead to unexpected outcomes.


Tsundere pop idol singer Lilypad Lily is back with the other two members of her idol group: Nym, the shy costume designer and Vicky, the energetic dance choreographer!

You wake up on the side of the road with no memories, no idea where you are, and the famous pop idol, Lilypad Lily, right in front of your eyes!

With each decision you make, personalities, histories, and outcomes take dramatic and wild turns.

Try to uncover the true ending to figure out why!

(This game can be played as a standalone without having played Lily's Day Off).


Lily's Night Off is a visual novel which puts the player in the position of the main character. You will play through the game and make choices as you interact with Lily, Nym, and Vicky: the famous pop idol sensations, The Lilypads.

However, this is not your typical visual novel where each route gives you new information on solid character personalities. Each choice reveals that locations, stories, and even characters are not what they may seem.

There are over 15 endings in total.

This is a comedy visual novel. There are no explicit scenes. There are some violent and scary scenes, however.


The game will feature over 10 unique songs, Artwork from over 12 different artists, more than 15 crazy endings, and lots of ridiculous situations!

You can download the soundtrack here:

Game Details

Package name: com.Kyuppin.LilysNightOff
Updated: 6 months ago
Compatibility: Android 4.4+
Developer Name: Kyuppin
Category: Adventure
File MD5: 9CE2EFABE8E3C5B62F263813A493FDF5
File SHA1: 5E15EF250B404EBB208F08AA8E81971BEE8769F3

Game Rating

Total 1,405 reviews


5 ★, by Mikayla Mendoza on 2019-09-04
Really fun and easy to play through game! Story was exciting because you can never tell what direction it was going. Music was super cute too. I appreciate the varied art styles for the endings. You even credited the artists in the gallery! Thank you, devs!!! I thoroughly enjoyed both of the Lily's Day Off games and would happily play the 3rd if there will be one ☆

5 ★, by Amie Mbogba on 2018-12-30
Amazing! Back again with more Lily, huh? I wish I could rate it more than 5 stars! I beat the whole game in less than a day and all! I even got the secret ture ending! The game has great funny stories and amazing art! Great job once again! Lilly's day off or Lilly's night off....I can't choose!

5 ★, by Quaggy ;3 on 2019-01-15
This game was very very good! Defenetly one of if not the best visual novel here on the app store! It had lotsa humor, cute romancy bits, and a lot of suprising horror (It kinda reminds me of Doki Doki Literature Club tbh). All of the girls were super cute and likeable. They legit all made me burst out laughing multiple times! xD I love this game and would reccomend it to anyone who likes visual novels or just likes cute and quirky characters ^-^ *Poceeds to draw fan art*

5 ★, by Jack Bowden on 2019-01-29
Fantastic game again! Great storylines and a good soundtrack. The way the games endings don't relate to each other even if they are the final 2 before the end is also, in my opinion, a very nice way to differentiate your endings. Waiting for a 3rd? Please? P.s. I dont know if its deliberate, but i think the other game is referenced at the end, with ending #15, Lily nukes Megabro or something like that. Quite a neat touch! P.p.s. Lily is best girl and no one will change my mind on that ever!

5 ★, by ren is bored on 2019-05-07
This game just... o my gaw I love it so much! it's by far my most favorite game. Reasons: Amazing story lines and art, Anime, the feels and more Anime. I loved it so much, the characters had great personalities and it's definitely a leap up from Lily's day off. Also, my name is Lilly xD. Anyway, thank you for putting so much hard work into this and have an amazing day! ;3 Bai!

5 ★, by lolman x on 2019-03-18
I have played this game and have got all of the endings. This game is definitely an improvement over the first game, addition of 2 new characters vicky and nym made the game so much better,they have their own unique personality. The choices are good and the endings you get are well made. this is definitely a vey good game. 5/5

5 ★, by SadKetchupStain on 2018-10-04
This is one of the best visual novels I have ever played, The storyline is amazing and everything made sense once I finished all the endings, and was able to play the true ending, I have never been able to guess it! Anyways, everything was free and the only thing that you will have to worry about, are ads, but it's fine, because it's right after the ending, it can be hard to adjust to, but it's just an ant sized problem that you could fix by paying the developer! Best game, 10/10 TL;DR: Very great game, unexpected true ending behind all other endings, ads are not a big deal, if you pay the developers, play it.

5 ★, by ArisenFTW on 2019-04-24
I remember Lilly's day off when I would be there for like a hour playing and playing because I was never happy with the ending. but then the secret ending happened and it brought me joy. and I wanted a second one. now here it is I just want to say this game has good art work and even though it looks silly it touches you (or at least it touched me) thank for this amazing art of a game I think you for bringing me happy times and sad ones. please tell us if you are working on a third one.

5 ★, by A Google user on 2019-03-13
I loved this game and hope for another one soon. the addition of the two new characters they made the whole thing more interesting and once again it threw me for a loop and I never knew what would happen next. this was a hilarious, sad, suspenseful, and scary game but the true ending made it exponentially better (not that it was bad)

5 ★, by Mommy Finding Fit on 2020-09-23
It's very fun And I spent a lot time getting all the endings Please make more games like this

5 ★, by SapphireGaming on 2019-05-08
This game is amazing, it warms my heart to see a sequel to the first. The characters are fun. The story is fun. I loved EVERYTHING. It makes me really want a 3rd entry with the same kind of layout, with all the secrets from lily's day off,and the full version of live lily. Kyuppin if you're reading this then I thank you for the games you made that make people smile, keep up the good work!

5 ★, by Pala on 2020-01-01
This game has to be possibly one of the best out there. Though short and having a wonky story sometimes, it never proves to be anything but enjoyable, and the same can be said about this games precursor, Lily's day off. In this one you get more than a singular character, Vicky, Nym, and Lily being a tad bit more fresh than just lily herself, even if they could be a bit more. . . deepened in character? All in all, it was a wonderful game, and I hope i'll see more advetures, keep up the good work!

5 ★, by Madison Jackson on 2019-10-30
Considering how well done this is and how apps tend to be nowadays, this game has shockingly very few ads! This is really refreshing! The stories are great, the music is well chosen/made, and the art is clean, fitting and full of personality! I would expect this level of quality from a for-sale game, not a free app! Either way, great job, I hope to see more great content from you!

5 ★, by Marnie ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ on 2020-05-26
I love this game, but I'm a little sad the extra purchase episode was only Dark endings and not anything happy or fun :( I wish there were more games already though, it was very fun!

4 ★, by ლMochaTeaლ on 2019-08-28
Very good!! I love the art and effort put into this! Though, the only reason I give it 4 stars because I use a Android device. And because of that, the game's really laggy. I really enjoy it though. But if there is a possible way to fix the lag I would appreciate it. but if not, it's fine! And another thing is, I have seen reviews and ratings on this saying that it doesn't save. EDIT: the save progress glitch, was just a glitch I had where it didnt save my progress when I exit from the game.. :/

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Updated my logo and title screen. Also fixed an aspect ratio glitch


Fixed some typos
Fixed some glitches with purchases


Made even more changes to better manage memory in the game.
Did lots of texture compression.
This should definitely fix crashing issues some players had.
If this doesn't help, I am truly clueless! ;w;


Made some changes to better manage memory in the game.
This should fix crashing issues some players had.
And fixed an error that broke the game in the last update lol


Added 4 all new endings with purchase of the game!
Also made lots of small fixes.


Added Privacy Policy to options menu


Turned off automatic connection to Google Play. Hopefully this fixes crashing.


The original release! Enjoy the game, everyone!

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Lily's Night Off 1.22
2019-08-13 / 31.2 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.16
2019-02-02 / 27.6 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.15
2019-01-13 / 27.5 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.14
2018-12-20 / 28.6 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.11
2018-11-12 / 28.6 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.07
2018-09-29 / 28.6 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.06
2018-09-25 / 28.6 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.05
2018-09-15 / 29.4 MB / Android 4.4+

Lily's Night Off 1.05
2018-09-12 / 29.4 MB / Android 4.4+