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Monster Girl Maker 2 APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.4+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

Monster Girl Maker 2 has been published by GHOULKISS, latest version is 2.0.0, released on 2020-08-26. It's listed in Casual category of Google Play Store, getting more than 1000000 installs, overall rating is 4.2 (base on 16.701 reviews).

Game Screenshot

Game Screenshot

New features

- New layering system
- 2 new paid packs
- Front hairs have split gradient
- New hand poses
- Temporarily removed finger nail parts
- Android 4.4+ is now required

Game Description

⭐️ A sequel to Monster Girl Maker - this game further expands on creating your own little monster characters! Select, swap and colour parts such as eyes, skin, hairs, wings, legs arms, clothes and more! ⭐️

Monster Girl Maker 2 increases the canvas and allows you to work on more than just the portrait of the character, and improves on customization and ease so you can make even more monsters than the first game!

ART BY: GhoulKiss
CODE BY: Normower

Game Details

Package name: com.Ghoulkiss.MonsterGirlMaker2
Updated: 5 months ago
Compatibility: Android 4.4+
Developer Name: GHOULKISS
Category: Casual
File MD5: 9518075E5B51DF6C0E2EB9B9AC78A53B
File SHA1: AA17919F8AA6F12349B0C310806491E94688C0C5

Game Rating

Total 16,701 reviews


1 ★, by LoreleiBooBooHairLeg on 2020-06-21
It's a great app! And it would be 100% better if it worked. There's no way for the character to have skin unless I use the one with incisions on its neck, and when I add things like (back) hair it decides to put that on top of all the other things I've added. I didn't receive the lag most other people received, but damn, I can't even use the app. Also I wish it had some kind of tutorial bc nothing actually makes sense? Idk how to explain it. :/ I'm probably gonna use the old version instead tbh

5 ★, by Abbi Brayden on 2020-08-06
I really like this app! It's a lot of fun. I would like more fire-themed items though. Such as hands with flames around them or a background with fire balls. Just a suggestion. Highly recommend this app!

3 ★, by amelia is frog on 2020-07-05
I really like this game, it's really easy to use and the art is great. However, I'll have to rate it 3 stars; as if I play on it for too long it slows down until it is completely stops, making it impossible to play. This lag has been happening ever since I installed the game yesterday and I'm not sure whether it's to do with my phone but unless it is fixed it will be very hard for me to continue with this game

3 ★, by Sandra Rudnicka on 2020-06-29
It's great, but there's one BIG thing missing still. It's about the hair colours. The first one allowed us to change colour of the top and the ends of each hairstyle. I miss that a lot since the only thing we can do is change the left and the right. It looks off most of the time. If you could bring that back, I'd be grateful.

4 ★, by Melancholy on 2020-06-25
I really love it! Its so good, and the art is nice! I would like for you guys to add mushrooms coming out of the skin as an extra like the crystals and flowers. Also, PLEASE add a hood as an accessory, and maybe have the option to but fur on it? It's for a character I wanna make. It's ok if not. Do not overwork. Thank.

5 ★, by Abbie Schmidt on 2020-08-14
SUPER FUN I live the graphics and different body styles available. I didnt but anything from the game and it's still such a fun game with endless characters to be made, very much fun, and great time passed or inspiration for fellow artists!!

5 ★, by AJ D on 2020-08-08
Srsly this game is amazing, thank you so much for making so much content free. You can really tell this is a passion project. You can make so many different kinds of girls and this is great to use for references. You an even save looks! Thank you so much.

5 ★, by Theboring1s -.- on 2020-06-21
The game was fun but I could only have it for maybe five minutes, if I stayed on it for too long it lagged and the lag was so intense it wouldn't let my phone load, my music app stopped processing anything I couldn't use my volume button or even turn my phone off and the worst thing is i can't take my battery out. Took two tries to delete the game please fix this because I would LOVE to play this. Five stars for the fun I had before the lag.

5 ★, by Kimaryonna Smith on 2020-07-16
Hi. So i LOVE your game. Its so cool, But theres one problem. It lags sooooo much that the game freezes. Like im playing for maybe 2 minutes (or less, it depends) i freezes, and i have to click out and go back in. And when i do my stuff is not there. So i have to save every 30 seconds. Please fix this. Your games make me happy and i love makinh ocs. Thank you. P.S. nothing is wrong with my phone, it happens to both of my phones.

3 ★, by Courtney Davis on 2020-06-25
I really enjoy Monster Girl Maker 1 so I had to try this. I really enjoy this app and love the cute and a bit more simplistic art style. There are a few things that I wish could be updated. Such as being able to see tattoos on the plus body type. One other thing is the preview of some of the eyes doesn't show the pupil. Since this is the case I usually have to click through most of them to see what they look like. Other than that I really enjoy playing.

5 ★, by Phryne Oso on 2020-06-23
I ABSOLUTELY love this game. It's fun, with great variety and you can just go hecking ham with all the choices. Not free of problems tho! Of course, they are not too worrisome, the most annoying is using the pipette tool on tiny parpts, like nail polish of hands. The other problem is... the spider parts. As someone with aracnofobia I... have a bit of difficulty every time I scroll through leg, mouth and tail options and find the spider ones. An aracnophobic filter would be quite cool, tbh!!!

4 ★, by Anica Cruz on 2020-08-03
Adorable, interesting, unique and highly customizable art. No obnoxious ads. Bought all the packs that have been released so far, wanna support further development of this wonderful app. So many options that you can make tons of monsters that are completely disimilar to each other. Fun, useful for character design insp, would reccomend. There are just a few UI/ functional features missing that I feel could really make the app easier to use and make it a more polished product.

5 ★, by Michelle van Dreumel on 2020-07-27
This game is wonderful it's a really good game besides you have to pay to get some things. I would like to make a suggestion instead of paying you could have a competition were you can vote on others and the winner gets money/gems to buy the outfits and hands. it's not my call tho I just thought it would be nice but besides that it's an amazing game. I have so much fun playing this game my sister does also we have competitions on a specific idea. Like elves, angels, and animals that is it bye😆!

3 ★, by Silver McCoffee on 2020-07-03
I have had the first version of this downloaded forever, and that's because it's awesome! This game is pretty good, but I wish more of the shirts were longer and that there were more body types to choose from. I also wish the freckle and mole options hadn't been taken out, those were my favorite parts. The last thing I have issue with is the eyes not having pupils. All in all, though, this game is fun, the art is beautiful, the menus are easy to figure out, and there are lots of colors!

4 ★, by Sammy Sam on 2020-06-21
I love this game, I honestly do! I'd even go as far as to say I prefer this one over the first game. Only problem? Whenever I'm using the eyedropper tool, there have been a couple of times where it freezes after I select the color, meaning I have to restart the character all over again. If you guys can fix this, then this game will be worth five stars.

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Previous Versions

Monster Girl Maker 2 2.0.0
2020-08-26 / 65.4 MB / Android 4.4+

Monster Girl Maker 2 1.2.1
2019-12-21 / 36.6 MB / Android 4.1+

Monster Girl Maker 2 1.2
2019-12-20 / 36.6 MB / Android 4.1+

Monster Girl Maker 2 1.1
2019-11-26 / 30.3 MB / Android 4.1+

Monster Girl Maker 2 1.1
2019-11-26 / 30.3 MB / Android 4.1+

Monster Girl Maker 2 1.0
2019-11-11 / 24.2 MB / Android 4.1+