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Flowergotchi Flower Girls Tamagotchi Virtual Plant 1.9.19

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Flowergotchi Flower Girls Tamagotchi Virtual Plant APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.4+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

Flowergotchi Flower Girls Tamagotchi Virtual Plant has been published by Alukard, latest version is 1.9.19, released on 2021-02-10. It's listed in Simulation category of Google Play Store, getting more than 500000 installs, overall rating is 4.5 (base on 31.230 reviews).

Game Screenshot

Game Screenshot

New features

Added new decorative items for Valentine's Day.
Added new skin for "Rose" flower - "Rose Valentine's". The skin is available for purchase only until March 8th.

Game Description

Grow your Flower Girl!

This game has elements of tamagotchi and virtual pet and it is a simulator of plant - girl care, designed for a long-term relationship. Currently 4 flowers are available, each with its own unique character, appearance and set of animations. Friendly Begonia, obstinate Rose, tender Violet and mischievous Peony.

Let these cute creatures become your virtual friend, take care of them: water, communicate, play, fulfill their whims. In exchange flowergirls will give you their love.
Follow the scale of joy - the higher its level, the happier the flower, which means it will grow faster.

Flowers have three stages of growing up - childhood, youth and maturity. (The store has a special potion that will stop growing at any stage you like.)

Play the game while playing the game! Minigames: Mushroom Glade, Magic Cards, Snail Freddy (beta).

Decorate flower pots with various decor items, and the flowers themselves with pretty hats. Many items have animations and sound effects.

Participate in seasonal events during which unique content is added, decor items that you can collect.

We are constantly working on new content for our game and listen to the opinion of our players. If you have ideas on how to improve the game, please share with us in the comments on the application or at our social networks.

Game Details

Package name: com.Alex.FlowerGirl
Updated: 19 days ago
Compatibility: Android 4.4+
Developer Name: Alukard
Category: Simulation
File MD5: C7C5A8C6555B35F1F10818148AC5F0A9
File SHA1: 79D989499A74FE95F5059E12D13847C5F6778588

Game Rating

Total 31,230 reviews


5 ★, by Ramlyn Haelwhal on 2020-11-03
The game is nice and well done. There is anyway a change that I strongly suggest. In the game of the snail, please, move the leaf-button for stopping the game from the right lower corner to a higher position. Because it is too easy to stop the game by mistake while playing. As it is now, it doesn't let move the snail easily.

1 ★, by Ayu Nox on 2020-12-22
The idea is good but the execution terrible. The minigames are horrible programmed and the live2d animations are very bad optimized. Gameplay overall is bad balanced and it looks like more work than fun.

5 ★, by luna lilac on 2020-11-20
I really like this game but I wasn't expecting how much the tamagotchi grew so it kind of surprised me but it's definitely a game I recommend for people that still has that tamagotchi vibe to it and it's just really fun

3 ★, by Dark Lord on 2020-11-19
It is a great game but whenever I try to watch ad to refill stamina, it says bad internet connection even when I have good internet connection. Also I don't get fortune wheels per day. Please solve this.

5 ★, by Faisal Rahmawanto on 2020-12-06
Please, make the flowers able to say more words, make gestures, expressions and add more features to interact with them. I really like this game! But there is very little that can be done.

2 ★, by Iain Heineke on 2020-12-03
Hoo boy. Ok listen the game has potential, but you needs a looot of work, more games to play please, minesweeper, memory cards, and a slow snail game aren't going to cut it. Next, fix your bs difficulty minesweeper is already not super popular, the memory game hard difficulty is straight bs and even the medium is ridiculous just add more cards not weird rules. By comparison the snail game all 3 difficulties are really easy, the only way to fail is to try, especially once you get near the end.

5 ★, by Marc Amiel Halina on 2020-11-22
Gameplay - easy to understand. Cute designs. Sure it is an exercise of patience but it is a plus for me. For someone who has lots of apps, just periodically checking in on the flower is good enough for them.

2 ★, by Gym Leader Aria on 2020-12-23
This game might be nice in maybe a year when you can play for longer than 5 minutes without running out of things to do. Download it yesterday and was really disappointed :/ a games suppose to be fun. A phone game is meant to take up some time, but coming on and playing 2 minutes is not fun.

5 ★, by Whoisdisperson ?? on 2020-12-08
This game is perfect! It is sooo cute!...I think... OwO but still! I own Nia as my daughter! She is sooo cute! She is only a baby now but she will grow up soon yay! Also this game is super fun and a time spender! You can grow and play with your child if you have any free time! This game is really cute and fun I recommend playing this! Enjoy raising your perfect cute lil flower! 😆👌💗

4 ★, by きらりんKirarin on 2020-12-20
It's really good very relaxy and cutesy. I love it... I just can't give 5 star, cuz the game could be. Abit boring for new playery who's jot so into this type of game, i mean, I'm hoping for more content that could make me play a bit longer... . . (Optional): not that I'm complaining, if possible i hope you could adjust the card minigame, it's a bit annoying when the card shuffle and switch places but you can tap on them switching especially since time kept running while that happens.

4 ★, by Sunjian Jiming on 2020-11-29
Great pass time. Relaxing and entertaining. The only flaw I found so far is the Snail mini game missing a pause button. There are times an user must stop the game for a moment, yet during the Snail minigame there is no way to pause. Either tapping "X" on right bottom or leaving the game alone while tending to another matter means loss. Correct that minor issue and game is flawless.

5 ★, by Jacob ZaDark on 2020-11-26
Lovely flowergirls, okay mini games. The card game is difficult if you are color blind, the bottles all look the same other than being different colors a small change like the letters I, Y, and M on each bottle would be helpful. The girls are adorable and age up in about a week of constant attention, I say constant but more like check in during the morning, maybe once during lunch, then before bed and you'll be golden, which I really enjoy because it makes this game less stressful than pets.

5 ★, by Mythical Podcasts on 2020-11-23
Love this game, played it awhile back but lost my account sadly, and no I dont need it back, I already bought that ADORABLE witch costume on my new account. If you love games that require patience, then this is for you. I love this because it's not too repetitive and it's fun watching your flower girl grow. Keep up the good work!

5 ★, by Kurt De Mesa on 2020-11-20
Man this is cute hahaha, I love the art style especially the color choices. Suggestion though, I think it would be better if there are more things to do beside play games and pat her. Maybe take inspiration from games like pou or talking tom with other features. I bet this one would be really cute that way. Thanks dev!!

4 ★, by Julius Krieger on 2021-02-01
Cool game but needs new dialogue and new flowers

Permissions List

Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about networks.



- Added New Year Event: new decorative items, new Violet skin "Frozen Violet", New Year mini-game "Dress up a Snowman".
- Added new mini-game "Flower Dew"
- Changed mini-games interface


Dear gardeners! Prepare to celebrate Halloween 2020!
Until 25th of November, collect candies in the game, and then exchange it for spooky Halloween items!
• The app size decreased from 100mb to 49mb
• Add interactive tutorial for new players
• Add new mechanic with cutting Weeds
• Items of care now will be stored in your inventory, as well as decorations and skins
• Design of Nymphea flower weeds was improved
• Match cards mini-game was optimized, add new pictures


Dear gardeners! Prepare to celebrate Halloween 2020!
Until 25th of November, collect candies in the game, and then exchange it for spooky Halloween items!
• The app size decreased from 100mb to 49mb
• Add interactive tutorial for new players
• Add new mechanic with cutting Weeds
• Items of care now will be stored in your inventory, as well as decorations and skins
• Design of Nymphea flower weeds was improved
• Match cards mini-game was optimized, add new pictures


- Added function to save the game progress using google play account
- Fixed incorrect display of the sound icon for some items. Added sound for "Chicoreus ramosus"
- Added Portuguese and Spanish language,
- Added event "Last summer days"
- Added seasonal decoration items


Removed the summer event


- Changed the number of fields in the game "Mushroom Glade" on high difficulty.
- Bugs fixed: the crabs trap gives 5 crabs, the flower no longer sad if its needs were met, the exchange of smiles for coins works fine. The visual bugs of the counters has been fixed.


- Added summer event "Sea Resort"
- Changed daily reward
- Added button to hide / show interface
- Reduced interface size
- Added new symbols to items (Animation, Sound Effect)


- Added new flower "Peony"


- added daily chest


- fix visual bug with flower
- bug fix
- added a chance to win a 1 coin by plaing mini-games.

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  3. Launch the Game


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