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Gacha World APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. It is compatible with all android devices (required Android 4.0+) and can also be able to install on PC & Mac, you might need an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox App Player, ...

Gacha World has been published by Lunime, latest version is 1.3.6, released on 2018-11-06. It's listed in Role Playing category of Google Play Store, getting more than 1000000 installs, overall rating is 4.5 (base on 223.717 reviews).

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Game Screenshot

Game Description

- New 7-Star characters have been added to the Gacha!

★ Welcome to the Gacha World ★
Create your own anime styled Gacha Summoner, and Gacha the best 5-7★'s easily! Get gems by farming quests, battling Raid Bosses, PvP, and many more ways! Save the world from corruption as you learn every character's story. Get your gacha on and enter the Gacha World!

«Game Features»
★ Gacha 90+ Characters in Gacha World!
★ RPG Battle system with elemental strengths & weaknesses
★ Story, Events, PvP League, Boss Raids, & Tower modes!
★ 3 gems per pull, 30 gems for a 10+1 Gacha, 150 gems for a 50+5 Gacha!
★ Free 2 Play, You can farm for Gems easily!
★ Customize your Hero! Buy clothes, hats, and more in the shop
★ Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements
★ Play offline! No wi-fi is needed to play

- The game may lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens.
- Please restart the game if you experience lag over time.
- In-App-Purchases might not work for Android 6.0+ devices / rooted devices.

Thank you for playing Gacha World!!!!! ガチャワールド

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Game Details

Package name:
Updated: 6 months ago
Compatibility: Android 4.0+
Developer Name: Lunime
Category: Role Playing
File MD5: 316B861CC2CD1C509BA51D5D1CC4DAD9
File SHA1: 1CE000CBBA518B0F6684CA0CB16CF7DE9E6930F7

Game Rating

Total 223,717 reviews


4 ★, by Chelsea Mak Lee on 2020-06-27
Cool game, just not much to do. I know people use it to make movies and I tried that but if there was an easier way, that would be awesome, thanks. Perhaps add more than just 2 people to the skit. I must say though, I got a gift of 20,000 for a difficulty they had and that was a ton. It was a cool experience overall.

1 ★, by Dragon Queen on 2020-07-08
I really like this game, and I think it's super adorable! But something annoying is that my keyboard just.... Doesn't show up. I can't type anything at all! I would rate five stars if not for that. Just a reminder that I still can't access the keyboard. I have a lot of fun, but that's seriously bugging me.

4 ★, by Zane Mainka on 2020-07-11
I really like this game but my phone is no longer available to launch it. Thats it thats all i have to say. Oh wait when it was running I had to randomize my characters names and have there descriptions written down on a piece of paper. Other than that. Is good no? :>)

4 ★, by alan -¿- on 2020-08-05
its basically and obiously a gatcha game. you draw heros randomley from pools and thats that. I would have not played this but then I wanted to know if I could break it. I got to level 80 (not that high of a level) and maxed out the dodge rate. so 60% of all attacks against me miss and you can add multipliers so its accually more like 75%. so someone with 2,000 can still beat someone who is 40 levels higher has a higher attack and 150,000 health just by upgrading dodge. TOTALLY balanced . . .

3 ★, by Myranda Rodriguez on 2020-08-07
It was a good game on my Samsung s5 but I'm on a new phone and idk what it is bc I never took off the case it came with so that's why but continuing when I try to open the app the game just closes it was a great game but now I dont see it can you make all you games for all phones and devices that would be great and on a tik tok some person wanted to play gacha club but it didn't come out for them so I suggest you to make all your gacha games free to play and on the same update like 1.0.1 u know.

5 ★, by Dee Lapaz on 2020-07-30
Ok all five stars i really like the graphica because its not complicated as to where it wont lag the controls...PERFECT if youd play this game its not complicated once i went through the learn how to play part i just instantly knew how to play and the game play is really interesting so if your reaading this 1,000,000/10 id recamend this for you to play.👍👍👍👍👍👍

5 ★, by Jonah Stobbe on 2020-08-01
It's a great game, but you gotta fix the crashes, I'm using Android 10 and this game doesn't work anymore, I tried to change the start up setting reinstalling everything, even older versions of the game, but it doesn't seem to work, I hope you read this and fix it, cause I'm not the only person with this problem.

5 ★, by Sudha V on 2020-06-26
It's one of my favourite games. I play it all the time. The best! But the key board doesn't appear when I want to type my name. It's bugging me alot so plz check and verify it. Other than that it's really good. Normally I just download a new game. Play with for a few days and delete it or forget about it.

1 ★, by 祐介• Lobster Artist on 2020-06-21
I've played this for years. This app is dead. Don't complain about the chat, they took it out on purpose. As for other complaints. I doubt you'll ever get your problem solved. At this point even a little 'Five star rating' won't do. It's been like this forever, don't waste anymore time. It's all straight focus on the more 'recent' and annoyingly popular games. Preeeetty sure they won't update anytime soon. If they do, they have a lot to fix and change.

1 ★, by Cade Thayer lapearle on 2020-07-29
The only reason I played this game is so I can took it out and I already beat the story and got all the characters so I've done everything there is to do but in the chat there's something new everyday a new rp, a new person I was fun but now?I don't have any reason to keep it I've done everything thing there is to do so can you add it back?

3 ★, by 【 yunnii ღ 】 on 2020-06-26
ok I really love Gacha world, but on my new phone it crashes when I enter it. Not even main screen. Just, black screen, then crash. I spent actual money on Gacha World so I am not happy about that- can the crashes be fixed or is my android version too high or something??? (5/2/20) Edit: Yup. Still doesn't work. Luni. I'm disappointed ❤️

5 ★, by Soulless on 2020-07-06
I've got into your games because of this app. I loved this for a couple years and I still do! But it's been kinda lonely here without new updates. I know you're busy with other games but I miss small new updates every now and then. Great story and graphics are quite good.

5 ★, by Samantha Espinoza on 2020-06-29
Hi Luni! This game is awesome- with a TINY detail. You see, for the last few months, I've been getting a glitch where the news pops up, and I'm unable to make it stop. I don't want to erase my progress, due to having Lulano Skybunny on my team. Mind fixing it? Thanks! 29/Jun/2020 nvm! It works now!

5 ★, by Nara the SadGirl on 2020-07-03
Its pretty intresting. I love it. I got 7 stars too. But why? 1% chance? Its easy too get them. But its good.But Something makes me a bit annoyed. Theres no next battle button when fighting. Now i have too battle,Click back too world,and press the gacha person and do this all over again. But this game is funass!

4 ★, by Morgan Terwilliger on 2020-07-31
I really REALLY enjoy gacha world well, I love almost all lumie games and I enjoy them because they are fun and I can play them on vactions, when there is no internent. but that's not the point... well gacha world is fun when you first start play it's like a tiny comic. *you* are playing some other gacha game and then you have a invite to Gacha World you click accept and you and invited to the "game" by a fairy Ellie! and you have to fight monsters! I'd say It's quite fun! and I see no glitchs

Permissions List

Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows an application to write to external storage.
Allows read only access to phone state, including the phone number of the device, current cellular network information, the status of any ongoing calls, and a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows an application to read from external storage.



> 7-Stars have been added.
> 7-Star Gacha Tickets added.
> Corruption Event
> Chat System
> New Leaderboards System
> New Hairs/Eyes/Mouths
> New Bundles
> Bug Fixes (Max Level bug fixed)


- New 6-star Valentine's Day units have been added to Gacha World!
- Hero Level cap raised to 300.
- Hero Stats now cap at 250.
- Season 3 Arena Released.
- New Challenge Quests have been added to the Event Quests.
- New In-App-Purchases are available from the Gem Shop.
- Arena Opponents updated.

Installation Instructions

Download APK file on this page, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. In your device Settings page, tap on "Security" or "Applications" (varies with device)
  2. Enable "Unknown Sources" permission
  3. Confirm with "OK"

Step 2: Install and Launch

  1. In your device's "Download" folder, find and tap on the APK file
  2. Tap "Install"on the Android Installer screen
  3. Launch the Game


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Why can't I press the Install button? It's grayed out on my Android device!

Disable any screen-dimming apps, like Lux or Twilight. For security reasons, Android will gray out the Install button when an app like that is active.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Previous Versions

Gacha World 1.3.6
2018-11-06 / 91.8 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.3.5
2017-11-02 / 94.7 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.3.0
2018-08-15 / 94.7 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.8
2017-02-09 / 90.6 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.7
2018-08-15 / 86.7 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.6
2018-08-15 / 78.8 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.5
2018-08-15 / 78 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.4
2018-08-15 / 78 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.3
2018-08-15 / 74.2 MB / Android 4.0+

Gacha World 1.2.2
2018-08-15 / 72.4 MB / Android 4.0+