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Ambiya Ke Qissay in Urdu - انبیاء کے قصّے has been published by Pak Appz, latest version is 1.0, released on 2017-03-22. It's listed in Books & Reference category of Google Play Store, getting more than 50000 installs, overall rating is 4.4 (base on 165 reviews).

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Qissay Nabiyon Ke is stories book of Prophet in Urdu language. This book is for all ages of Muslims. The other names of this app could be qasas ul ambiya, nabiyon k qissay, nabion ke qisay, anbiya ke qissay etc.

This application Nabiyon Ke Qissay is the best and informative app about the life of the Prophets. In this application, we will discuss the life of the Messengers of Allah.
In this application, you can read stories of the Prophets of Allah in Urdu.
All the stories and information are collected from authentic sources.
- Life of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
- Adam
- Noah
- Saleh
- Younas
- Yousuf A.S
- Hazrat Ibrahim,
- Hazrat Isa,
- Hazrat Musa
- Hazrat Yahya A.S

Anbiya ki zindagi kay interesting facts aur knowledge Urdu Language main aap sb kay liye jan,na boht zaruri hai. Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu app me wo sb maloomat shaamil hen jo shayed aap ko maloom nahi.

The Quran identifies a number of men as "Prophets of Islam" (Arabic: nabiyy نبي‎; pl. anbiya' أنبياء). Muslims believe such individuals were assigned a special mission by God (Arabic: Allah) to guide humanity. Besides Muhammad, this includes prophets such as Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S.), Hazrat Musa (A.S) and Hazrat Isa(A.S).
Although only twenty-five prophets are mentioned by name in the Qur'an, a hadith (no. 21257 in Musnad Ibn Hanbal) mentions that there were 124,000 prophets in total throughout history. Other traditions place the number of prophets at 224,000. Some scholars hold that there are an even greater number in the history of mankind, and only God knows. The Qur'an says that God has sent a prophet to every group of people throughout time, and that Muhammad is the last of the prophets, sent for the whole of humankind. The message of all the prophets is believed to be the same. In Islam, all prophetic messengers are prophets though not all prophets are prophetic messengers. The primary distinction is that a prophet is required to demonstrate ALLAH's law through his actions, character, and behavior without necessarily calling people to follow him, while a prophetic messenger is required to pronounce God's law (i.e. revelation) and call his people to submit and follow him.
Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is distinguished from the rest of the prophetic messengers and prophets in that he was commissioned by ALLAH to be the prophetic messenger to all of mankind.

Ambiya Ke Qissay (Qasas ul Anbiya) in Urdu is a very special app for every Muslim to get the knowledge about the life of every prophet of ISLAM. In ISLAM now a days Muslim follow the Teachings of Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH). But ALLAH has sent all of his prophets for the betterment of mankind. so teaching of every prophets and stories of all prophets are full of knowledge and lessons.

The Qiṣas al-'Anbiyā' (Arabic: قصص الأنبياء‎) or Stories of the Prophets is any of various collections of stories adapted from the Quran and other Islamic literature, closely related to exegesis of the Qur'an. One of the best-known is a work composed by the Persian author Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm bin Mansūr bin Khalaf of Neyshābūr (a city located in Khorasan, Northeast Iran) the 12th century AD (AH 5th century); another was composed by Muhammad al-Kisai in the 8th century AD (AH 2nd century); others include the Ara'is al-Majalis by al-Tha'labi (d. 1035, AH 427) and the Qasas al-Anbiya by Ibn Kathir.

Following the stories of the Prophet Adam and his family come the tales of Idris (Idrees), Nuh (Noah or Nooh), Shem (Sham or Shaam), Hud (Hood), Salih (Saleh), Ibrahim (Ibraheem), Ismail and his mother Hajar (Hajira or Hajra), Lut (Loot), Ishaq, Yaqub (Yaqoob) and Esau, Yousuf (Yusuf or Yousaf or Yousuf), Shuaib (Shoaib), Musa (Moosa) and his brother Aaron, Khidr (Khizar or Khizer or Khizr), Joshua, Josephus, Eleazar, Elijah, Samuel, Saul, Dawud (Daud or Dawood), Sulaiman, Yunus, Dhul-Kifl and Dhul-Qarnayn all the way up to and including Yahya and Isa son of Maryam.

App Details

Package name: com.PakApps.AmbiyaKeQissay
Updated: 1 year ago
Compatibility: Android 2.3+
Developer Name: Pak Appz
Category: Books & Reference
File MD5: 282844F7E09EB99108902992C42A3BE0
File SHA1: 35D72E174E89B109AA725D2A7F30B34A06C1BBCF

App Rating

Total 165 reviews


5 ★, on 2017-11-26
Very good but Musannif Ka Naam Zoroor Detail Mein Likhy Ta Ke Hamein Pata Ho K Kis Ki Tasneef Hay

5 ★, on 2017-09-16
Bahuth accha hay Jo aap logon Faisalaliya issue musalmaan apne dien ko smj ne ki koshish karenge shukriya

5 ★, on 2019-03-01

5 ★, on 2020-03-29

4 ★, on 2019-10-30

1 ★, on 2018-12-04

4 ★, on 2020-05-16
Good app

5 ★, on 2018-07-06

5 ★, on 2018-04-03
Love this...

1 ★, on 2019-09-11

5 ★, on 2020-04-07

5 ★, on 2020-03-12

5 ★, on 2019-01-26

4 ★, on 2020-01-03
Masha Allah

5 ★, on 2020-05-09
Subhan Allah. Bohat zabardast app hai. Parh ker emaan taza ho gya

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